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Teaching and Learning – Our Passion

Teaching and Learning

A Holistic Approach to Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning is improved by NAEC advisors who can help with all aspects of ICT in schools and academies. This includes technical audits and developing support services. Our CPD training is focused on Outstanding teaching and learning. essential to achieving an Outstanding OFSTED, and delivered by experienced teachers and ASTs with a passion for education. 

Experience that Counts

As a DfE approved supplier Nexus Associates have overseen the implementation of over £70m of ICT equipment in over 60 academies and schools across the country. We focus on doing the job properly and have developed excellent CPD packages to ensure that ICT  really does improve teaching and learning.


Improving All Aspects of ICT in Schools and Academies

NAEC is an IAAS Quality Supplier. Our experience in school leadership is combined with


our expert technical knowledge can help you save money on ICT, improve Learning, use data effectively and drive School Improvement towards Outstanding OFSTED. Effective Professional Development raises the standard of Teaching and Learning leading to better outcomes for learners.

NAEC is a Promethean Academy


Please contact us if you can’t find the information you are looking for. We promise not to hard sell but we will do everything we can to meet your needs and answer your questions.

 NAEC – Apple Education Mentor

Teaching and Learning CPD Apple

Our advisors can help you plan lessons getting the very best from Apple Technology.  Our CPD training sessions are always about teaching and learning. We can show you all the best and latest apps and, more     importantly, help build them into lesson plans for better learning.

NAEC is a Microsoft Partner in Learning

Our advisors are part of the Microsoft Partners in WIEF PiLLearning network, which means we can train your staff on all aspects of Microsoft software, from basics of Excel for assessment to Office 365 and iCloud solutions.

NAEC is a Nearpod PioNEAR

Our advisors are qualified NearPod trainers and are nearpod logoable to train you to deliver high quality resources to your students which allow you to question, track and assess on their understanding of the lesson content. Use it to send content direct to all platforms or to set as home work.