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Assessment for learning made easy with your iPhone

Just spent another two hours marking assessment for learning for your classes? Want to free up timequickkeyicon to do the real job of planning engaging lessons? Quickkey is a relatively new app that is currently free for downloading to your iPhone that allows a teacher to mark a multiple choice question paper very quickly by scanning in a “Quickticket” using your phone. Teachers can potentially mark a set of papers within minutes and collate results to their own mark sheets. No Internet required to make, take, scan, or score a quiz.

How does it work?

Teachers can download for free a printable answer sheet called a QuickTicket, for studentsquickticket to complete when sitting the quiz. These can be laminated and be re used for all future asessment’s. The teacher then logs in on the iPhone app or on the website, and creates a master answer sheet. When scanning the students sheet, the app compares the scanned paper against the master and records the score. Up to 30 questions can be set for each assessment.

Ease of use

Quickkey has a built in import function that allows teachers to import a .csv file of their quickkeyscanstudents names (taken from the school’s data management system), so that even teachers with 15 our more classes can quickly and easily set up their class’s on their phone. Creating classes and populating them couldn’t be simpler. As each student completes each quiz, they simply identify themselves by filling in their ID on the QuickTicket. ID’s are automatically generated by the software. Once the quiz has been taken, the teacher simply scans in the individual QuickTicket, and results are collated. These can then be exported as a .csv file back to the teacher for inclusion in their assessment sheets. The main issue for the teacher is the design of the quiz!

Assessment for Learning

The makers have created a brilliant app here, since the teacher does not have to spend quickquizsetuptime entering questions, as in other on line assessments such as Socrative. Existing power points with questions on or even verbal questions can be issued, saving the teacher time. Setting up the quiz is extremely easy. Select new quiz, choose the number of questions, select the correct answer for each question, and assign the class to that quiz … simple!

Support is right there with the software as well, the community page offers a plethora of pdf’ and how to you’s for you to learn quickly.

Fed up of all those hours marking and grading work whilst you could be planning more engaging lessons? Then this is a must for teachers to check out. It simply works, and will save you a great deal of time in your teaching life, and right now its FREE!

Main Points

Free unlimited instant mobile scanning
No Internet required to make, take, scan, or score a quiz
Instantly see quiz results on your mobile
Simple quiz builder
Export quiz results to Excel
Easy account setup/class list importer
Up to 440 students per account