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NAEC are proud to be the premiere training partner for Promethean. This has come about as a result of our relentless focus on driving up the quality of teaching and learning.Promethean Academy

Something For Everyone

We understand the importance of differentiation for learners and have applied it to our training. This way we can provide a day of differentiated Promethean training for your teachers and leave you with a sustainable development programme for Outstanding Lessons.

Start Using Your Promethean Board

It is time to stop using your Promethean Board as a mere projector screen. Spend the day with one of our trainers and other colleagues and you’ll be itching to return and put your Promethean training into practice. You will finish the day with the confidence to build learning around the Interactive Whiteboard and discover a world of resources and ideas that will save you time.

Get More From Your Promethean Board

So you know the basics and the board is a useful tool during lessons. Now you want to start using the more powerful features, develop tools to embedd assessment for learning and push towards Outstanding Lessons.

Active Engage

Put assessment for learning in to Warp Drive. Learner response keeps you informed of progress during the lesson and provides excellent data for targeted intervention.

Register your interest

Register your interest