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CPD Training For Better Teaching and Learning

NAEC CPD through CoachingAt NAEC we are passionate about providing CPD training that directly improves the quality of teaching and learning. Our coaching model minimises the need for cover and actually enhances pupil learning. Our advisers are all successful and qualified teachers. They plan lessons with the teachers with the new strategies and team-teach to secure the implementation. Our CPD training is designed for the individual institution. A Teaching and Learning Audit helps match the CPD training to the outcomes of the improvement plan.

We provide effective CPD training to a range of schools and academies in the following areas.

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Games based learning
  • Interactive whiteboards for student learning
  • Creative technologies
  • Movie making
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Podcasting
  • Digital Audio Workstations (Including Garage band and Logic)
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Class Voting Systems
  • Developing the VLE as the core learning tool
  • Mobile technology in the classroom
  • Tablets as a learning tool
  • Collaborative learning tools
  • Storing and sharing good ideas
  • Pupil led resource development
  • Assessment for Learning
  • IT supporting project based learning
  • Programming & Code Writing


CPD Training With No Interruptions To Learning

Often CPD training can be disruptive. It is expensive to provide cover for teachers while they receive CPD training. Face to face sessions can be great for inspiring new ideas or raising issues. NAEC can deliver excellent training as part of a teacher day or even provide for the whole day. Our advisors work with teachers to plan their lessons at your school. We then support them in the lessons as they try out the new strategies. This way the training has an instant impact on lesson planning and delivery. Learners do not have to manage without their teacher and change is embedded quickly and effectively.

Why not try one of our Taster Courses

Taster courses take place at your school. They run over two days. The first for training and lesson planning and the second for in-class support.


Promethean Authorised Learning Centre (PALC)

NAEC Promethean CPD Training Teaching and Learning

We are Promethean’s premiere CPD training partner in the UK. We will teach you how to use the interactive features of Promethean boards, including their learner response system “Active Engage”, and build lesson plans for outstanding lessons.

NAEC Apple Education Mentors

CPD training for Apple teaching and learning

Apps for Deeper Learning…

As well as the ability to provide CPD training across a number of operating systems and a wide range of software, Nexus Associates Education Consultants are Apple Education Mentors helping schools to integrate every conceivable combination of learning applications.