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Education Apps For Windows 8 and the Ipad

Education Apps for Windows 8

Growing number of Education Apps for Windows 8 and Ipad…

Like so many people I have complained of a bad back, a belly creeping over my belt and a general lack of exercise. Like so many people I have joined a gym. There it begins. They talk about building your core strength. They talk about strengthening your abs. The lure of the elusive six pack!

Of course they are right. A weak core can lead to all sorts of problems. The cure requires determination and a willingness to lie flat on your back sounding like the airbrakes on a lorry that has never been serviced.

It is true for Technology. The core strength is the operating system, the back-bone, if you like. It makes sense of whatever hardware is in place. It needs to be light, flexible and robust. A good operating system needs apps. Just like a spine needs abs. This is true of all educational products. Interactive Whiteboards such as Promethean lead the way because their Apps are great.

Education apps for ipad

More Apps for Windows 8 and Ipad

In the early days of Apple the frustration for many users was the lack of apps that would run on their beautifully designed computer with its solid and dependable operating system. The iPad and iPhone saw the reverse of the issue. It was the competitors who lacked apps. As an educationalist it is difficult to recommend other devices when there are so many great apps for education on the iPad and iPod.

For education, the increasing number of apps on windows 8 is great news – there are now more than 20,000 general apps available! Learners need to be familiar with a number of platforms and, of course, for those who want a tablet but would miss MS Office this is a great move. It seems that the wide range of apps for the iPad was compensation for the lack of usb memory stick connection. Now perhaps you will be able to have your cake and eat it.

So let’s get working on those Apps!!

(Blog by Chris Sweetman)

What are your thoughts on the growing number of Apps for Windows 8? And Apps for Ipad? What are your top picks of Education apps for windows 8 and Ipad?


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