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Single iPad Assessment for Learning

Assessing students when you only have a single iPad in the classroom can be troublesome and time consuming.  Recently I was tasked to train teachers in a high school to utilise their iPads for Assessment for Learning techniques. The school had issued iPads to some staff to see how they would use the to improve teaching and learning, and some apps had been allocated across the school network for them. NAEC had been consulted in the type of apps to be pushed out and suggested Explain Everything as being the most beneficial to the staff who had been allocate the iPads. If these chosen staff could use them effectively for assessment then the school would naturally look to equipping the rest of the staff in the future.

The school itself is not rich in ELearning equipment, and they have put together a strategy of “lets see what works well for us”. Single iPad Assessment for Learning was a part of the strategy so the training had to be built around best use for a whole class.

EE logoExplain Everything in Design Technology Assessment

One member of staff who received the training was a Design and Technology teacher, quite new to the school and wanted to use the iPad to bring extra content to his 6th form Product Design lessons. After planning out the lesson for the following week, Explain Everything seemed to be the best app for him to use since he could pre record using the iPad video, set up the lesson flow on each of the slide and embed resources into the presentation. More importantly, he needed to capture students work immediately and then show them to the whole class, but he was restricted because he was teaching in a workshop with just one laptop and one projection screen.

Having spent an hour with me in using the app, the teacher could quickly drag in resources from other areas, through drop box etc, and we very quickly put together a lesson plan. Practise with the camera and loading into the app was probably the hardest part of the whole training, but this skill was quickly learned.

The resulting lesson the following week can be seen following the link below, and although is just a snapshot of a 50 minute lesson, still gives the flavour of how he was able to quickly take snapshots of students work and display them immediately using Reflector and a laptop, to his students for discussion and assessment.

The second teacher was a PE specialist wanting to use the iPad more during practical assessment of students. Both Explain Everything and Coach’s Eye do a similar job but in this case the teacher decide to go with Coach’s Eye simply because he wanted to capture and compare live activity. The intention was not to display to the whole class but discuss with individuals and keep a record of those discussions, hence the need for single iPad assessment ¬†Following a short training session the previous week, the result of the lesson can be seen in the video below.

Both staff found the apps easy to use and quick to learn. Students from the Product Design lesson particularly like the idea of the lesson being recorded and shared on the schools learning platform for review. The PE students commented that they like the way they could compare their performance and could spot their mistakes easier.

NAEC can provide your staff with effective training on iPads and all ICT use in the curriculum. Please contact us at for more information.