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iPad Literacy ClickerDocs – Great Ways To Improve Literacy

iPad Literacy

iPad Literacy App ClickerDocs

by Sarah-Jane Gungum

We are very enthusiastic about the potential of  iPad Literacy tools. ClickerDocs (£19.99 for the iPad app) is by Cricksoft. It is an iPad Literacy app that helps students create sentences and supports their writing.   ClickerDocs has a student-friendly keyboard and a speaker option that allows students to hear and review what they have written.

The in-built word predictor hints at words that the students can use while they are writing their sentences.

Teachers can build and create key word lists, excellent for subject specific language, which is displayed at the bottom of the screen.  Students can then select the words that best fit the sentence or paragraph that they are writing.

iPad Literacy

It is easy to switch between the ClickerDocks keyboard and the key word list. Teachers can copy and paste text from a Word document, a web page or any other text tool to create the key word list.

Using Reflector App or an Apple TV to display the iPad Literacy app at the front of the classroom, students can see where the teacher is clicking as a yellow ‘pointer’ appears.

The Settings tool allows you to change the background to make it easier  to read. This is especially helpful for students with dyslexia who require a coloured overlay.  The speech speed, and the display size can also be altered.

iPad ClickerDocs

ClickerDocs have their own collection of key word lists. These can be found in their LearningGrids section and are updated on a regular basis.

Crick soft have a range of apps including iPad Literacy apps and software for other platforms.

On the whole a very good and highly recommended iPad Literacy app for both teachers and students.  Well worth the £19.99!