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iPad workflow in the classroom – a range of applications

iPad Workflow applications

Having recently been asked by an Academy staff to give a list of apps for using ipad workflow in the classroom, I started to think about workflows and learning outcomes which would work best, yet give staff opportunities to pick and choose.

Working In Harmony

Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Like most technology tools, applications working in harmony together, (workflows), within the structure of the learning process will produce the best results. This means that although there is a list of iPad apps, these will be defined by how they work together to provide many different products for teachers and students to use.
Workflow becomes the guiding light one needs to move towards effective decisions on iPad app selection. While there are some great content specific, stand alone apps out there, the value becomes apparent as apps demonstrate the ability to connect to other useful applications and provide feedback to the user and instructor.

Possible solutions

iPad Workflow applications

iPad Workflow applications

So what would be my recommendations on this topic? Taking into consideration other well documented lists and iPad workflow paths, Teachers need apps to produce content, there fore Pages, Evernote, Keynote, Explain Everything, and Morpho Booth would immediately spring to mind. ┬áThis content needs to be then shared with students – so Explain Everything, DropBox, and Edmodo, or displayed Reflector, Nearpod, and Display Note would be used. ┬áTo continue the iPad workflow, students must then have ways to mark up received documents, with perhaps Nearpod, GoodReader and Display note for collaboration, access and assess their progress, again Nearpod, Display notes’s questioning, Socrative, and Infuse Learning. Finally, this work must be submitted back to the instructor for evaluation, completing the iPad workflow, using Edmodo, or Dropbox, or google drive. This is one proposed workflow solution that includes a host of apps suited for the tasks necessary to complete the cycle. Once workflow is defined, it now can be enhanced with the content specific apps one will find while teaching their subject matter.

Training and sharing

More importantly it is continuous CPD and sharing of success (and failure) for staff. The iPad workflow for a particular activity will not become apparent or successful until the iPad workflow has been trialed and tested in different teaching situations, and is dependant of the set up within individual schools.
NAEC can provide sustained and cost effective coaching model of traing, supporting staff in designing the lesson and workflow, supporting them in the classroom while they deliver the lesson and suggesting improvements for future uses.



Written by: Steve Davies
CPD Consultant
Tweet: @SDavies_Nexus