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thMicrosoft’s newest plug in, Mix, for power point, builds on their successful One Note software and now allows teachers to create  engaging lessons to alleviate the ‘death by power point’ syndrome seen in so many schools theses days. Teachers can now add in voice and video direct on to the power point slide, record slide transitions, insert questions and review answers, and add annotations as they record. Use Office Mix to create interactive lessons that students can review at home, reserving class time for group discussions or focusing on the difficult material.

Office Mix adds functionality to PowerPoint 2013 that allows you to record audio or video of yourself presenting, write on your slides as you speak to them, insert quizzes, polls, online videos, and more. In fact, you can even do full screen capture and record anything on your PC. Once your presentation is ready, just click “Upload,” and the magic happens so that it transforms your favourite power points we into a mix. You can choose when and with whom to share it.

So what does Office Mix actually do?

Office Mix is designed to enable teachers (or anyone who presents) to take a PowerPoint document, and mix it into an interactive, playable document that can be viewed on almost any device, anywhere with an internet connection.

Office Mix also lets you record anything on your PC screen with the screen recording feature. For example, say you want to record a video of a graphing calculator app. Just click “screen recording,” and record the work you want to show in the app. Your recording will be inserted onto your slide, and that your students will see your screen recording as part of the lesson.


PowerPoint makes it easy to edit and fine tune your mix. If you make a mistake in your recording you can just re-record that one slide. You can resize or move your video recording around on your slides to position your video in just the right spot. Because your mix is recorded on a slide by slide basis, you can even change the order of your presentation after you’ve recorded it. All the video, handwriting, and content will seamlessly follow with the slide to the new location in the presentation. No more jumping between several apps to record and edit.


From within PowerPoint you can insert quizzes, web pages, and add interactive apps. Among the apps that are already included in Office Mix are exercises and lessons from the enormously popular Khan Academy and CK-12 Foundation. What this means is that you can insert interactive practice problems or videos from Khan Academy or CK-12 Foundation directly into your lesson. Students will see and experience these apps as part of your lesson, and you will see how the class is doing overall as well as insight into coaching that will be most useful for each individual student. Responses to inserted questions can be viewed on line at the Mix web site, allowing teachers to track understanding.

th (2)This is a great step forward for teachers. Favourite slides can be re used and given a new lease of life as well as new engaging topics created, quickly and easily. Teachers are under enough pressure without having to re invent the wheel, and this new add on for Power Point 13 is going to be very popular, very quickly.

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