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Mobile Phones In Schools

Mobile Phones In Schools

Mobile Phones In Schools, Good or Bad?

The Telegraph recently reported that banning mobile phones in schools can bring about improvements within the school, mainly due to reduced distractions for the students.

I often talk about the “Engagement Myth” of technology. Young people are brilliant at being off task. In the past pupils may have had a “Boxes” grid at the back of their English exercise book or passed notes under the desk. Good teachers picked it up and stopped it.

Technology and mobile phones in schools provide a myriad of ways to disengage from the lesson. Products like Impero help teachers keep an eye on things and control activity where it is necessary. However, technology and mobile phones in schools can also make learning much more engaging, inclusive and effective.

I am fascinated by this improvement and have some questions.

Was the improvement because the technology had been removed or was it because the teachers had taken control of the situation?

Good discipline is at the heart of good learning…

Our experience in schools and academies across the country is that good discipline is at the heart of good learning. Clear expectations and rules that are enforced consistently by teachers make for good discipline. So my next question is was the technology the problem or was it that there were no clear expectations about the technology?

The head is exactly right, technology has crept up on education. We believe there is no excuse for being left behind. Schools and academies are beginning to embrace the mobile device. By planning for their use in lessons and setting clear expectations many teachers are helping their students understand their responsibilities and learn about, from and with technology.

What do you think? Should mobile phones in schools be banned or should they be compulsory?