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Nearpod – connecting across devices

Nearpod – connecting all devices is so easynearpod logo

With its ease of use connecting devices, Nearpod has been continued to be developed into a powerful classroom tool that will now allow the teacher to connect to all the various devices found in a classroom. Connecting devices is so easy, no matter if you have a PC at the front of the classroom displaying to a white board, or a tablet or iPad in your hand, you can now send the content through to any device, even if they are mixed within the room.

No need for extra work

Nearpod will allow teachers to import their power points or pdf’s, slide slidesshows or videos into one file that can then be stored and sent as a live session (students log in with a code). The teacher can send each slide at their own pace to all the devices. By using the front of class pc as a student, they can log in on a tablet or iPad and control the flow of information from that hand held device.  The file can also be used for homework, students accessing it from their home device using the same code without the need to install software. Photos and videos are easily and quickly slotted in, which means that question3teachers are not having to re invent their content, just bringing it together and presenting it in a far more clear and concise way, with the ability of checking students progress and understanding at each stage of the lesson.

Manage devices and check on understanding

All students are required to log in so that a registration list is automatically populated, andquestion5
with one click the teacher  can see who is on task and who has wandered off into the net! By adding in slides and activities, the teacher can quickly gain feedback on the students understanding of the content. Nearpod allows you to quickly set up a poll, a quiz, even an open ended question for response, as well as a draw it function where students can draw out answers.

Sharing responses

With its built in report system you can then send the results from the session to your emailreport or share  with other staff. During the session, as each student responds, the teacher can see who has responded and then share that individuals response with the rest of the class, engaging them in further discussion and understanding of the topic.

Support and Community

Nearpod have built up a huge support system of videos, presentations and hints, as well as a whole section for the Nearpod  community to ask questions and share ideas. With the introduction of their PioNEAR squad, a team of teacher experts to go out and train others, this addition to the teacher’s armoury of techniques will soon become extremely popular.

When you are looking for a workflow that enables you to share your resources with students, no matter what device they have, or where they are working from, and which also allows you to check progress and understanding, without the need for hours of re designing your resources, then Nearpod is one software you should really check out.

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