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Promethean – Getting The Most From Your Interactive Whiteboards

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The features in Promethean ActiveInspire can really make a difference to the quaility of learning, but Promethean training will help make an even greater difference. There is so much more to an Interactive Whiteboard than an engaging display. Used properly ActiveInspire can bring about Deep Learning by drawing students into the process and enabling them to contribute with others at the board or from their own seat.

Promethean Outstanding Lesson

Promethean – For Outstanding Lessons

The advantage of training at your school is that your own equipment is used. This gives teachers confidence and avoids any confusion that might be caused by different set ups. Most importantly we reduce the need for cover and the timetable for the day can be arranged to meet the specific needs of the individual school. A mixture of one-to-one and group Promethean training makes this a very cost effective model.

Non Disruptive Training

Our coaching model minimises the need for cover and, more importantly, includes team teaching. We always focus on Outstanding Lessons.

Our trainers will work in your school with a tailor made package focussed on Outstanding Teaching and Learning and matched to the skills of your staff. We provide the full range of Promethean training from Basic Skills to advanced techniques. The delivery method can be matched to the school’s needs. Our trainers, all experienced teachers, can assist lesson planning with the promethean board and provide in-class support.

We can provide accredited Promethean training at all levels; Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level for Primary or Secondary. For more information on Promethean and the services we offer please contact us.