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Steve Davies


In The Spotlight: Steve Davies, CPD Consultant

“Passionate about Education”

Steve Davies, a senior CPD Consultant at NAEC talks about his background in education, and why he loves working in CPD for education…

I first joined Nexus in August 2012, after having been in education for 31 years. I was asked to join the education section of NAEC, based upon my experience and skills in education, both in teaching and learning, and having been a part of the Senior Leadership Team for 10 years.

Why did I switch?

I was excited by the fact that the skills and experience I had could be shared with a wider audience other than that of the school I was working in. Plus I was completely on board with the aims and objectives of the company in being passionate about education and being able to give the students the best opportunities for success as possible.

What is your favorite part of your role in the CPD team?

My favorite part of the role is when I see teachers getting excited about the new opportunities I can show them how to improve their teaching skills – that “wow” factor I used to see on the children’s faces when they took part in my lessons. Then the icing on the cake comes when those same teachers, who days before had been stuck in the power point groove, use the new techniques they have been taught and the reaction of their students who become engaged with the lesson. Nothing beats the excitement on the students’ faces as they become animated in their learning, and the satisfaction on the teacher’s face when they suddenly realize that the lesson is achieving beyond their expectations!

What are others saying about Steve Davies…

Chris Sweetman, Head of Education at NAEC, says “I first spoke to Steve Davies on the phone one hot May afternoon. At the time he was working as an AST and his enthusiasm for teaching and learning was a real inspiration. When we met we discussed how technology can enable outstanding teaching. It was clear from the outset he is a constant and inexhaustible source of new ideas. A real team player, Steve is always learning and always willing to go the extra mile.”

Tell us about some of the projects you have worked on…

Steve Davies - Kettering Science AcademyEach new project is exciting, challenging and rewarding! It is so good to be a part of a schools journey in improving their teaching and learning. But it is always sad when the project comes to an end and you leave the school with grateful thanks from staff, but this is tempered by the knowledge that I have helped them achieve their goal. Kettering Science Academy is a case in point, where by all staff are now using the new interactive Smart Boards and are using a wide variety of ICT techniques across all subjects, such as Socrative, Morpho Booth, IMovie, Popplet, Edmodo, Inspiration, and many more apps on their Ipads to deliver teaching objectives. Currently I am working on their VLE to make sure that students can access high quality resources from anywhere to assist them.
At Bishop of Rochester I am currently developing Active Inspire skills, and at Bedford Academy we are developing their brand new VLE.

Steve Davies: background…

I have been in education for 31 years, teaching Technology, and have been a Head of Faculty and in 2000 was recognized as an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST). The last ten years I was part of the Senior Leadership Team and used my AST status to spread my skills across schools in the Luton Authority. The past three years, before joining NAEC, I spent developing the schools VLE and now in my role at NAEC I see as an extension of my former AST role, but not being limited to one or a handful of schools, and not in one particular subject area!

Hobbies and Interests…

My hobbies and interests has to include my role as part of the Scout Association, having taken scouts to Denmark, Sweden, and Croatia as part of the 22nd World Jamboree in 2011. I am currently an Assistant District Scout Commissioner, and have qualified as an Archery, Shooting and Climbing Instructor and regular spend weekends at our local Scout Centre. I am also an avid skier, and travel at least twice a year to Europe to ski.


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