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StudyBlue Flash Cards – Learning anywhere, anytime.

studyblue flash cardsStudyBlue Flash Cards –  Anytime Anywhere learning

StudyBlue Flash Cards app is a really clever and simple way to design and produce a whole range of study flashcards that can help you students learn any time anywhere in any environment as long as they can access the internet. StudyBlue is produced in the form of a digital backpack, and their publicity claims millions of students are already making, learning, and sharing amazing class materials.  The inclusion of Evernote to take notes anywhere, and StudyBlue to study them everywhere truly takes learning outside the classroom like never before.


It is so easy to transform the study materials you’ve organized in Evernote into digital flashcards and practice quizzes in StudyBlue. Students can make notes from lessons and with a few easy steps can transform them into flash cards that can be randomize, saved into the “backpack”, and then viewed at anytime on any platform. An extra bonus is the ability to search the StudyBlue bank of already created flash cards, created by others and ready to use, saving time and effort.


StudyBlue exists to make studying efficient and effective for every student, for free. Students can flip online flashcards for fast feedback on what they know, and test themselves with automatically-created practice quizzes.  The Evernote sheets are still available for revision and review at any time. This combination gives Evernote a new lease of life, and brings it back into the iPad app of choice for making notes.

Studyblue Flash cards EVERYWHERE.

Students can settle in for a night of studying on, or use free StudyBlue apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad to get a study session in while you’re waiting in line for coffee, on the bus, sittng in the back of the car while on a journey, anywhere! Teachers can use the resource for a quick and easy end of lesson plenary, given a bank of iPods, androids or tablets, set home work assignments and monitor progress of the students as they work through the cards.

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