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Teaching with Knowmia Teach App

Knowmia IconThe Knowmia Teach iPad app is an excellent app for creating your own whiteboard videos. Some of the highlights of Knowmia Teach app include the option to use your iPad’s camera to record yourself while drawing on the whiteboard. You will appear in the corner of the screen so that your students can see you while you’re talking them through the lesson. The app includes the option to import images and graphics from your iPad to your lessons. You can draw free-hand on the whiteboard screen, type on the whiteboard screen, and insert pre-made shapes and figures. All Knowia Teach lessons can be uploaded to the Knowmia website with just one tap of your iPad’s screen. Students can watch your lessons on the Knowmia website.

Clear screen for Teaching

knowmia2It has a clean and well thought out layout, which makes it easier to create lesson materials, although the maximum length you can save is 15  ins, so its more useful as short blocks of time. The free version limits how you can share the results, and saves it to the web site so a web link is the more likely option, where as the full app allows you to save and export to a number of places.

Lesson Structure 

Using steps, or slides, each slide can be videoed to build up a series of teaching steps. Really useful if you are looking for a way of delivering differentiated lessons – one group could use the recorded instruction for example, or as a flip classroom project for students to access from home. Lesson tools are self explanatory, and easy to use although the web recording feature is only available on the full version.

Importing and images 

Imports are from the iPad, camera or cloud, or you can even search on line and insert direct, a useful feature. Images and text are easily arranged and re sized using swipe and move, as well as have the ability to be reordered. A new feature is called Lesson Props, which are a serious of images that you can bring in while recording the slides, making it more engaging than just a powerpoint with static images. Video recording of the teacher or presenter can be inserted into the slides which is a real neat trick!

knowmia3The free version has most of what you need to create some really engaging lesson materials, but viewing can only take place through the website, as the format is special to the app. Videos cannot be inserted to other applications unless you have the full app. At £20 for the full one as opposed to free cut down version, I would be using the free version first to see how user friendly it is. Recommend it for the basics, even for students to use to create their own resources, for ease of use, but their videos expire after 30 days!