NEAC, Transforming Education

Learning without limits

‘ICT Improves Teaching and Learning ‘

OFSTED reports that Teaching and Learning is weakened when there are fewer opportunities for independent learning. Effective use of ICT removes the glass ceiling that prevents good lessons being outstanding. In addition to this we have considerable experience in developing the use of VLEs and Learning Platforms to support independent learning.

Effective Staff Development

Our team of experienced teachers support the improvement of effective Teaching and Learning through a coaching model. Planning the lesson with the teacher, explaining how to use the technology and directly linking the use of ICT to the intended learning outcomes. Our trainers will then support in the lesson itself.

Teaching and learning

No Interruptions to Learning

Our model for staff training minimises the need for cover, saving money, time and reducing the impact on learning. Indeed learning is enhanced during the training through team teaching.

Objective Led Lessons

Our passion is the use of technology to deliver learning outcomes and support embedded Assessment for Learning habits.

Driving School Improvement Through Effective Teaching and Learning

Our training plans are matched to your school improvement plans. The outcome of the training is rigorously measured against the success criteria of the school improvement plan setting schools on the path to Outstanding OFSTED.

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