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Outstanding Teaching

Outstanding Teaching is at the heart of school improvement. There are many teachers who can deliver an Outstanding Lesson for an OFSTED inspector but only after a great deal of planning. NAEC can help teachers to deliver lessons that are consistently outstanding without breaking their backs over the planning.

OFSTED Outstanding Teaching for Outstanding Lessons:

Learning and progress Teaching and assessment


The quality of learning is exceptional.  Students demonstrate excellent concentration and are rarely off task even for extended periods without adult directionThey have developed a resilience when tackling challenging activities

Their keenness and commitment to succeed in all aspects of school life and ability to grasp opportunities to extend and improve their learning are exceptional.

Progress is at least good for different groups of students and exemplary for some students.

Teaching is at least good and often outstanding as students are making exceptional progress.  Students are enthused which ensures they learn really well.  Excellent subject knowledge is applied to challenge and inspire students.  Resources, including new technology make a marked contribution to learning as does the targeted support from other adultsTeachers are aware of students’ capabilities and their prior learning and understanding and plan effectively to build on these.  Marking and dialogue between teachers and other adults and students are of consistently high quality.

NAEC consultants use technology to make Outstanding Lessons accessible to more teachers.  Technology can be used to inspire and challenge students, providing accurate Assessment for Learning feedback and allowing targeted intervention and support. Our advisers will show teachers how to use ICT to build a continuing learning dialogue with students developing their own keenness and commitment to succeed.

OFSTED inspectors will concentrate on the learning that is taking place. Our advisers will train teachers to use technology to save time in planning allowing for a focus on the use of student progress data and effective intervention strategies.

We do not believe in technology for its own sake. Our focus is always the quality of learning for each individual. We use technology to bring new life to Bloom’s Taxonomy and enhance the variety of tools at the teacher’s disposal. Outstanding teaching brings about outstanding learning. We will show you how technology can make outstanding lessons achievable for more teachers more of the time.