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Vidra – free video software


Free Video Software for iPad and iPhone

Recently I came across a free video software app called Vidra for the iPad. There are many video creating apps out there but two things that grabbed my attention;  its free (always a bonus) and it is VERY easy to use. So easy to use I have been recommending it to the schools I work with as the app to load for students to use in the classroom.

As with most apps there is also a paid Vidra version (£3.99) which gives you more flexibility but the free version is adequate for you to use to create videos quickly and easily. Functions include text, hand writing and drawings, importing photos and shapes, change fonts, size and colour and add music as a background either from the in app list or import your own.

After downloading the free Vidra app version you will see a story board pre loaded which teaches the basics of the app, and how to create your own video. Click on the plus symbol and options appear for your title (which can be customised), and then its up to you to add content. Creation is intuitive, and within minutes anyone can master the basics. Once completed, exporting the video takes seconds to either the camera roll or YouTube, emailing or even open up in another app such as Explain Everything, giving the user great flexibility for sharing. As a work around students can either email the video or upload it to a class YouTube account set up by the teacher.

What is restricted on the free version is the ability to alter timings, remove the watermark and hold more than 5 saved projects. This is not really a major issue as once the project have been created and exported they can be deleted ready for the next user, 10 second timing for each slide is more than adequate, and the watermark is not that visible to be honest. Small price to pay for a free, easy to use and brilliant app.

Check out the video I created in Vidra below using photos I took on my phone on the stages of soldering a resistor. I had previously turned this into a video using Power point slides and Windows Movie maker, spending a good deal of time on it. With this photos and Vidra, I was able to add background music and verbal instructions, and the whole project took less than 5 minutes to put together!

Latest release is now available on the iPhone as well making it even easier for mobile creation of videos.