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VLE – Limitless Access To Learning

We find that many schools have spent a lot of money on products that are simply not being used. Many Headteachers and Principals are disillusioned with the whole idea. Time and time again we meet senior leaders struggling to find the time to implement the VLE or Learning Platform to improve learning and embed its use across the school or academy.

We believe that the VLE or Learning Platform can and should be at the heart of the ICT for learning experience. It can save teachers time, facilitate truly effective Assessment for Learning (AfL) and provide a 24/7 learning experience.


Getting The Best From Your Existing School VLE

Our team of experts will help you get the best out of your existing school VLE or Learning Platform. That’s right we’re not trying to sell you one!

We will ensure it is set up properly to match your curriculum and then work with your middle leaders to embed its use in the schemes of work.

Learners can maintain an e-portfolio and parents and carers can see their child’s work, track their grades and monitor their attendance. This way ICT promotes deep learning and sets schools on the path to an Outstanding Ofsted.

We will design the programme to meet your specific needs and transform the way learning takes place in your school through your school VLE system.