NEAC, Transforming Education

Learning without limits

A Relentless Focus on Teaching and Learning

All our work in schools is designed to improve Teaching and Learning. We have developed methodologies to deeply embed the use of Assessment for Learning through ICT and ensure that every pupil knows where they are, where they should be heading and how to get there. Our experience with VLEs and Learning Platforms places ICT Learning at the heart of the curriculum, streamlining marking and assessment and fostering Deep Learning. Essential to achieving an Outsanding OFSTED.

Embedding Good Practice

Our passion for personalised learning extends to staff as well as pupils. By conducting an ICT for Learning skills audit in your institution we will be able to ensure our training effectively targets your priorities. Our delivery approach ensures that training embeds good practice in a lasting way.

Cost Effective Coaching

By coaching teachers in the use of technology for learning NAEC consultants build trust that gives the confidence to try new things. Cover costs are minimised as we plan lessons alongside the teacher and provide in-class support for the delivery. This way everyone wins. Learners have an additional expert in the room and the teacher gets to experiment with learning technology safe in the knowledge that help is at hand.

Leadership Support

We are very aware that the biggest challenge to school improvement is lack of time. Our consultants can relieve the planning burden, working directly with middle leaders, developing Schemes of Work, scheduling in-class support and building Technology for Learning into the department development plan. Strategic planning of ICT will support outstanding lessons and ensure money spent on technology delivers measurable outcomes for learners.