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 CPD Training Courses – Taster Courses

Nexus Associates Education Consultants (NAEC) are pleased to offer a range of CPD training courses for teachers including a range of taster training courses aimed at catalysing a paradigm shift in Teaching and Learning. The courses will change the way learning takes place in your School or Academy. These CPD training courses, for up to 6 teachers, take place over 2 days and embed the practice directly in the classroom. All that is required is 1 hour of non-contact time at the start of each day and a commitment from the teachers to plan for 1.5 hours at the end of each day. Each two-day course costs £1500 (ex VAT). If you require training that is not listed below please contact us and we will design one especially for your institution.

Two-Day CPD Training Courses – Taster Courses
Pads, Pods and Tablets
Using iPods, iPads to support Assessment for Learning and Peer review
All subjects including Performing Arts and PE
Story Telling
Using a range of software to support collaborative working and project planning
English, Humanities, Science
Movie Making
Creating resources, podcasts, information films and expressing learning through film.
All Subjects
Students Speaking The Target Language
A range of software tools to encourage learners to role play without inhibition
English, Modern Languages
Assessment for Learning
Software tools to enable the teacher to match the curriculum to the learning needs of the individual and provide instant feedback to the learner.
All Subjects
Free to Roam
An opportunity to explore interactive whiteboards where pupils don’t have to leave their seat and the teacher is not tied to the front of the class.
All subjects

For more information on our CPD training courses and taster courses for teachers, please contact us.