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What We Do

Here at NAEC we pride ourselves on the range of services we offer. The most common services are listed below but please contact us if there is something else you would like help with.

Large Scale Building and Refurbishment

With significant experience under BSF and the Academies Programme we are able to help schools and academies ensure that ICT infrastructure is co-ordinated with the build schedule and, most importantly, tailored to the educational vision. We recognise that the vision will encompass a broad range of factors outside of teaching and learning in schools and we identify how these aspects interface with the Change Management Programme.

Develop The VLE As A Core Learning Tool

We believe a VLE should be at the heart of effective Data Management

The idea of the Virtual Learning Environment has caused many a sleepless night. Schools spend thousands on a given product and find it un-used or even reviled by teaching staff. NAEC can put the VLE at the centre of the learning experience. If you are choosing a new one we can help you find the one that’s right for you. If you already have one we can help you get results.

Improving Teaching and Learning

Our teaching and learning development programmes are tailored to the individual institution. Drawing upon their experience in senior leadership our consultants work with your school improvement plan and build a training programme to deliver on your priorities. Our aim is to make Outstanding the judgement for more than 80% of your lessons (OFSTED 2012).

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Working within your CPD budget we can plan and deliver a program that will meet all your CPD needs. Co-ordinating with partners we can take the headache out of CPD planning. Our own method of delivery minimises the need for cover and results in a better educational experience for learners while the training is taking place.

Data Management and ICT Services

We are able to combine our technical and educational expertise to help you develop data systems to raise standards. We also help with the strategic development of ICT support services ensuring all ICT is focused on outcomes for learners.