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Learning without limits

The Results

Better Learning

We conduct all of our sessions in the classroom, using current curriculum subjects. Our practitioners develop with teachers appropriate Lesson plans and schemes of work, looking at alternative ways to develop the use of ICT in order to deliver the curriculum.

Our practitioners are focused on how ICT within the classroom can develop and inspire both teachers and students. We are committed to changing the approach to ICT within teaching and learning and encourage staff and students to use tools such as pod-casts, presentations, film, interviews and animation to allow students to express themselves within the class in different ways.

Better Teaching

For Senior Leadership teams, our most successful projects are delivered as part of the ongoing ICT strategy and staff CPD. A project in the South West has raised staff retention in one school significantly, as staff now have a clear understanding of the school vision and how they and the use of ICT plays a part in it.

Better Staff Morale

For staff, confidence is key. For example, one teacher has gone from never using ICT within a class to now championing the use of it across her subject area. The reason? She recognised the need to share expertise on ICT in the class and saw how motivated her students were to help run the class. The results? Attendance and attainment has risen and the school is using the subject area as a template for the rest of the school to follow.

Better Results

For students, it’s bringing the skills that they want to use everyday into the class environment. Outputs from students are equally important, whether it is oral, written or via an ICT rich medium. Using ICT within the class has not only improved the results in over 90% of the schools that we have worked with, but has been recognised as a way of helping to keep schools performing well.