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Wiggio – Classroom Collaboration for free

What does it do?

Wiggio is a free online collaboration platform that allows anyone to work in groups. Although it’s not specifically designed for schools, there are plenty of ways to make use of the site. After signing up with an email and password, you’ll log in and either join or create a group. A group can be a class, team, or a handful of friends; within each group, you can do lots of things.

The application supports virtual meetings and conference calls as well as text, email and voice messaging. The group can maintain a shared event calendar and manage online polls. Users can upload files to a shared folder, accessible by all group members. Wiggio also offers to do lists that let users assign tasks to group members. Users can manage group tasks or work on projects as a team. Messaging options include sending emails and texts as well as voice and video notes. You can schedule events on a shared calendar, share files, or create polls that your group members can respond to.


Collaboration – Is It Good For Learning?

The “WIG” in Wiggio stands for “working in groups,” and this site stays true to its promise, providing you an opportunity to work in groups online — for free, no less. There’s nothing incredibly exciting about the site, but it’s a nice resource if you have groups of students who need extra help or want to engage in discussions outside of the classroom. You could also use the site to help track scheduling for clubs or after-school groups.

The ability to add video or audio messaging within a group is a great bonus, and students will learn communication skills as they respond to questions or add their own opinions to online discussions about the latest reading assignment or math quiz. By adding lesson content i.e. power points and videos, students can review at home or on any device anywhere.


How Can Teachers Use It?

You can do a lot of things within Wiggio. You can use it to enhance communication within the classroom or to help with your own personal organizing. It can function like a calendar program, allowing you to do all kinds of scheduling, both personal and professional. You can create polls and quizzes for students or set up study groups that let them work as teams under your supervision



Wiggio allows users to easily work in groups online; it definitely makes communication easier. Design is basic but serviceable; the site aims to keep things simple, so it’s very accessible for teachers and students. Though not designed for in-class use, the site can facilitate communication; there are plenty of educational applications. Students can learn organisation skills that are transferrable to future projects, whether in school or beyond. The Knowledge Base has an FAQ about site features; users can add their own questions — there’s also an introductory video. Teachers and students will have to supply their own creativity when using the site in school.